Everybody’s Changing

Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
Trying to stay awake to remember my name
But everybody’s changing
and I don’t feel the same.

Change is inevitable, but despite the gradual pace of this so-called change, the sudden impact of its consequences hits you right in the face and you do a double-take just trying to stay alive.

Every move makes a significant difference – every anticipated outcome – changes everything.

We say things we can’t take back, we miss what we never had… and in missing the concept of us, if there never really was an us, then aren’t we simply missing the potential of there being an us rather than an actual us?

Every high plummets to its abyss before rising back up again, each time stronger but more battered.

But happiness shouldn’t be a pre-set concept – there shouldn’t be a timeframe. Yet to enter into an adventure with the expectation that it will end, only because history has never ceased to disappoint, makes me wonder if that timeframe of happiness is worth the risk?

When perfection lands itself on your doorstep, you don’t ruin the memory of it with a doormat. But simultaneously, you want to keep that perfection all to yourself, because you don’t want anyone else to ruin it.

Yet like a work of art, it is only perfect because there are imperfections – and when one can see the flaws as beauty rather than as hinderances, the only setback is self-doubt.

And when there is self-doubt, there needs courage; and if pain is inevitable regardless of the choice, why not take the choice that maximizes happiness for both parties.

Without an expectation that there will be an end.
Without the preset expiration date.
Without an unreasonable standard of measurement.

Without any form of measurement whatsoever.

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

~Marcel Proust~

I need another story
Don’t need another perfect lie.
~One Republic~

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