Unprecendented Version of Reckless Behaviour

I’m on the edge of glory
And I’m hanging by a moment of truth
I’m on the edge of glory
And I’m hanging by a moment with you
~Lady Gaga~

Work resumes tomorrow as the unprecedented version of reckless behaviour reaches it’s final page. Despite seemingly aimless weeks of restless recklessness, living productively should sooner rather than later commence.

Though this interval between chapters is at it’s finale, one can’t honestly claim that it won’t be missed. This breath of fresh air – or what some may declare as freedom – must be exhaled, however slowly, however abruptly. But in spite of countless moments of breathing, it’s the days that take your breath away which are the ones you mark in history.

However, even history itself renders it’s problems. What was will never change, but if the past is what hinders your present from aligning with future, it must either be eliminated or diminished. History will not repeat itself, but the scars left behind are only reminders of why we are what we are today. I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. But who I am tomorrow is determined by what I do today. And that, is what makes us human. The fact that we have a choice – we are a result of ourselves.

What we do, who we meet, who we keep and when we make those choices determine the “why” in all our unanswered questions in life. The explanation behind all inexplicability; the reason behind irrationality. And to rationalise what was never meant to be understood, merely experienced, diminishes the capacity of reaching ones full potential.

We cannot become limitless until we are pushed beyond our limits. The pinnacle of our capacity never reached until this capacity is stretched.

If life was an elastic band, every pull, every tug only gets us further to where we need to be.

So paint me your canvas so I become what you could never be. ~Shinedown~

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