C’est La Vie

Can’t you see what you do to me
Our love was meant to be
And you were made for me…
~AG Silver~

So you get those who yearn for it, yet stay single most of their lives.. and those who are single who spend their lives searching… Going around in circles, looking in all the wrong places. Giving ourselves excuses as to why we should “experiment” and be reckless – ruining other’s potential relationships only because ours failed. All along, the one person who wants to be with you, who you could be with, is right in front of you. But you’re giving yourself reason to “move on,” to “get over” things, and he / she is just waiting for you to “grow up.” What more can we ask for, when we already have everything we could possibly ask for – and we selfishly want more, because we’re so used to getting what we want?

Work seems to be progressing – as hours and salary increase, balancing everything out seems ever more effortless now. Cutting out hours of socialising, replaced with quality time with quality relationships, gym and work – wallet is heavier, weight is lighter; all in all, being productive and not destructive.

And Day 1 officially begins on Monday, Oct 10th, as text books and study materials have arrived this week. Learning accelerates as ones studies broaden from purely academic to “interest courses” such as learning French and what-not. Funding is also from one’s own pocket, thus the most and best has to be made of this “education.”

Becoming more particular and fastidious regarding socialising and friendships – with a notable amount of failures and pointless relationships, one might feel this fussiness justifiable and thus continuously lives in this manner. Boredom has not hit – surprisingly enough – and loneliness a figment of the past. No abstractions which were previously expected seem to have hindered or intervened in this manner of lifestyle, causing one to become rather suspicious and weary of the past. Perhaps this lifestyle was possible all along, but in choosing to learn the hard way – by befriending the wrong people and softening up to those who took vulnerability for granted – it’s curious that one can swing to the other extreme of not making an effort or simply “avoiding” any social scenarios whatsoever.

Curious. Indeed curious.

To sum up everything, well there really isn’t much to say, really. We move on, life goes on.

C’est La Vie.

Sometimes she wonders if they’re gonna live
Up to who they could be;
The real world is heading for them
Like a high speed train
And she’s not ready…
~Tammin Sursok~

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