One Life

If I knew yesterday what I know today
Where would I be tomorrow?
Won’t let my soul slide away
Cuz this life’s only borrowed.
~James Morrison~

Back into routine and motion, the state of mind only perceived and imagined for what seems like eternity. The stability of lifestyle and surge of brainwaves; the security of control and the ability to self-control. As recklessness becomes a matter of the past, and success the new-found energy consumer, one can’t help but wondering what success really is.

In striving after it, many fail – for success does not exist without a form of negligence. Whether it be friends and family, or health and work; success is impossible when one is distracted. On the contrary, it is also argued that in doing your best and developing ones own attitude unique from the crowd, success in itself will follow. Like Hawthorne’s perception of “happiness,” success is like a butterfly which flies freely – you don’t chase it, you wait until it lands in the palms of your hand.

This may seem peculiarly stated, however, despite the innumerable amounts of people claiming success and parading as high-achievers, few are genuinely successful on an all-rounded scale. Yes, some may have the life of a king, but what is it to be wealthy when one lacks passion. When emotion escapes the mindset of the corporate “big-shot,” what then is evoked?

A post-modern corporate (and/or cosmopolitan) society will convince its People that success is only achievable through means of minimal distraction – negligence and suppression; deflection and denial. Which reiterates the former question pending: What is the importance of success?

To study mindlessly and earn passionlessly may masquerade as a frontier of “success,” but when there is no deep down, when there is nothing genuine about the feigned smile on every diplomatic smile, what is the real reason for competition? The real definition of success?

Stating this simply, I would personally argue that passion breeds success. To do what one is passionate about – irrespective of how absurd the idea may appear. Passion may be over-rated, but it is misinterpreted and often forgotten. Drowning in an ocean of green, chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we as humans have forgotten our humanity, our passion.

What lies ahead is merely a fraction compared to what lies within. For our future depends on how we mould it – on the voice we choose as our mentor. Surrounded by our inspiration, we entangle ourselves with “rationale.”

But as a rational human being, it is pure folly to ignore the truth. The rational claim practicality, but in reality the truth is ignored. And when the truth is ignored, what is rational? If a rational human being disregards truth and lives a lie, how could this then be “rational” ?

To be rational is to accept reality; to be successful is to embrace truth. To move forward, is to remember our aspirations of the past; to leap is to fall and know how to get up.

The love of beauty does not make on extravagant; the love of things of the mind does not make one soft. (Thucydides)

I’ve only got this one life
And I’m gonna live it right.
~James Morrison~

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