Anticipation (2012)

You use your heart like a weapon
And it hurts like heaven.

As the new year commences and everyone around seems to be stressed about new year’s resolutions, one can only help but wonder what the point of a resolution is when we have a tendency to forget them by the end of the year anyway. Each year is filled with achievements of its own, and by creating a resolution is creating another item to be mentally neglected. From what I think, why not just appreciate the achievements we have succeeded rather than plan it?

That said, 2011 really was an interesting year. Beginning as pleasantly single, ready to mingle, plunging into a series of pointless and unsuccessful relationships, April met a beautiful surprise. With Spring around the corner and the chill subsiding slightly, one new (and still ongoing) relationship happened to blossom.

Yet as summer came around and responsibilities were scarce, for some, the idea of being civil and stable seemed an ideology. Sadly to say, mistakes were made then forgiven, and nothing has been the same since.

In all honesty, had none of those mistakes been made, complete stability is still out of the question when it comes to us. Security, maybe; stability, fat chance.

Finally, to end the year on the rooftop with fireworks, friends and free-flowing champagne, the night couldn’t have got any better.

As we’ve plunged into 2012, suppose one can only hope that the life-changing drama is long behind us, and hopefully we can anticipate a balanced and fruitful year – considering an interesting start with a concussion which lead to an agonising night in the hospital..

The months which lie ahead will hopefully be filled with productivity and absolutely no laziness. I guess if I had to make a resolution, it will be

To always be productive, anticipate what lies ahead, and never look back.

Happy new year everyone!


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