Life Is To Be Lived

I wish I could foresee the path to tread,
To escape the reality all man should dread.
For if I knew of any direction
I’d stride in confidence, with all discretion.

Very rare comes the time when emotions are raw, when words cannot emanate the extent of what one is going through. When the truth is all but spoken, and hope all but existent. The only hindrance being that you cannot fully be, even though you know exactly what it is you want.

When life throws a curve ball, you can’t always catch it… but when you dodge it so it doesn’t hit you in the face, you never realise what it is you’re capable of – you never fully realise how far you’re willing to go to stop the ball from landing in the wrong place.

Sometimes, we wish we knew exactly where the ball was headed, so to act as a guidance for where we ought to go… other times, we throw the ball so far that the rest of our game becomes a journey of finding our landing.

We can never stand too strong, for we will only be hit in the face. Yet we cannot falter, for we shall never know our direction.

Life is only to be lived, for we only have one.
And if the only hindrance is our hard head, perhaps it’s time we learn to sway.

I set fire to the rain
Watch it burn as I touched your face

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