Children never blame themselves for getting lost.
~Anita Freud~

Blame.A word that many take for granted, yet disregard the fact that it’s a truth we face each and everyday. Blame, much like Karl Marx’s view on religioin, comes from the simple fact that man needs a sense of comfort; a release in a time of pain and suffering. On its own, blame may seem a petty reality, social etiquette which we are taught as children. Yet if it were that simple, and that petty, why would parents put much emphasis on encouraging children not to blame others? The reason is that parents want children to learn a sense of responsibility,something that we as adults simply acknowledge but do not always abide by.

Though experience makes hypocrites of us all, blame and excuses hinder us from progress.In this day and age, with the importance of success constantly flaunted in our faces, one would imagine progress would be inclusive in that package. The irony, however, lies in the fact that because man is so driven to succeed and live comfortably, blame becomes the first resort in coping with failure.

In a money and status driven society, not much room is left for failure. Thus, man has found it much harder to accept his own flaws, and finds a scapegote, a subconscious emotional refuge in which he can lay his “burdens.” The reason why this is ironic, is that the first sign of failure is not the fact that man has not succeeded, but rather that he could not acknowledge his own inadequecies.

The only way in which to change and progress, is to acknowledge our flaws and believe that change is possible, no matter how hard.Because if a paedophile could attempt to resist his urges, why can the average person not change the simple perception that one can only blame oneself, and not anyone else?

Regardless of how difficult, or seemingly impossible change appears, the idea exists for a reason. We are responsible for our own actions – we are as responsible for our actions as we are our reactions.

At the end of the day, when you blame others and make excuses, you are giving up the power to change. ~Robert Anthony~

We are a result of our choices.
Our reactions are a result of our actions.
Our existence is a result of our response.
We are a result of our actions.

Thus is the cycle of life.

Despite the influence others may have on us, no one forces another to react. Alas, man irrationally finds a way to defer that inadequecy onto another, which in turn only magnifies our own weakness.

Strength lies in the ability to acknowledge ourselves, our actions. Weakness lies in the fact that we live in denial of it all.

If I had my way we’d never close our eyes
Plenty of time to sleep when we die.
~Adam Lambert~

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