Passion Colours Everything

When passion colors everything
The songs I sing, from way out there to deep within
The face I wear behind my grin
The price I’ve paid for my original sin
~Poets of the Fall~

Passion, that’s all there is to it. No more, no less.

One can talk about absolutely anything they want, regardless of the category or topic, but what matters is the presentation – how the ideas are constructed and delivered. Many mistake passionate people for “pretentious” and “elitist,” and though at times we may appear to be so, it is no more than a superficial interpretation of a “persona.” In reality, if the content of each conjecture could be heard and understood, any conversation can expand and become something bigger, greater. Abstract conversations are not limited to the “elitist” but rather they attract Passion. Passion does not necessarily entail having a broad range of knowledge or research. It does not mean only understanding one category of knowledge and compartmentalising conversations: passion is being able to talk about anything, even with limited knowledge, because it comes from the heart. It is real, and though passionate people often mask their passions with heavy diction and academic language, it is merely a front to defend the vulnerability of the “heart” and its corresponding  “emotions.”

Ideas and thoughts are intangible, but expressing them in ways that are tangible is like watching abstracts manifest into something concrete, allowing them to sink into reality and become a part of our essence of existence. Tangible expressions – written or spoken – make their mark in history and whether or not they become revolutionary in a macro scale, still stand to make a difference: they make a difference to how another may perceive an idea, and if one is equally passionate, that passion then becomes inspiration and blooms into something bigger. As these conjectures come together and formulate into a larger reality, they become a theory, which can be analysed and discussed.

Passionate people often migrate together and exist in a world of their own construction: this is not to say that passion is only fueled by the existence of others’, rather when passion is combined it explodes into a beautiful spectrum of colours. When one has passion suppressed into the subconscious, being surrounded by others who share the same passions can render a dynamitic effect whereby each strand of inspiration becomes a concoction of theories and definitions. The beauty of theory is that it can be interpreted as subjectively as desired, and only strengthened by facts and evidence. An opinion is meaningless without a firm basis.

Theorising with a group of people enables one to expand horizons and develop new perspectives, but solitude renders introspection. Passion is appreciating ones own thoughts, allowing them to grow, and thus embracing the moments where introspection and expression collide and meet halfway. Passion is motivation, it is inspiration, and it is tangible if you know how to reach for it. Sometimes inspiration takes the shape and form of a book or a quote; other times it takes the form of a song or a smile, but passion is the most beautiful when it takes the shape of another being – another human entity.

That moment when she’s sitting right across from you and your eye meets hers, that’s when you feel it. That’s when you’ve incepted her into your reality.

And in that moment, you start to wonder if you are ready for this intensity, this impact. At first, it’s exhilarating and scary, then it solidifies and becomes less volatile. For once, it is almost like watching Passion stare you in the face screaming “you’ve reached it.”

Then all that is left is infinity: an infinity of ideas and possibilities.

What if you 
Could wish me away 
What if you 
Spoke those words today 
I wonder if you’d miss me…
~Joshua Radin~

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