United We Raise Our Umbrellas

Translation of the popular song going around Hong Kong about the Umbrella Revolution. Please watch the video, even if you don’t understand the lyrics. This accurately depicts what HKers are going through here. It gives a real feel for the unity and solidarity that Hong Kong is using to shield themselves.

I translated the contextual meaning, not the literal meaning because it’s quite heavy on the metaphor and wouldn’t make sense to be translated literally.

Sitting in this sea of people
I will not be afraid
But with fear instill in us like this
What are we to do?
This is life, and we get to this night
Are we even more afraid to express our cries from the heart?

Standing on the frontlines
Our courage is relentless
What we fear more is the bleak fate
But who wants this?
We must see past the absurdity
For at that moment, you will shed a tear

Together with our umbrellas
Together holding hands
Together, we are not alone
United we raise our umbrellas
United we raise our hands
United we keep our courage
So I ask you, “Are you afraid?”
Even when there is a storm
When we’re at the end of our tethers
Umbrellas are a blossoming flower
Never goes dry and never withers

So for every tomorrow
Please remember tonight
That you and I have faced a miserable reality
But this is life
And if you miss the opportunity tonight
This may be our last chance for
Freedom of Speech.

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