Change, Expand and Grow

Many construct buildings while I construct villages. Villages grow into towns, into cities; a building will always just “be”.

Buildings are made with strong foundations that take years to build, yet once those foundations are set in stone – literally – there is very little chance of changing it without uprooting everything the building worked towards in the first place. This leaves the building with history, with stability, with fortitude, but without change. To change a building starts from the inside – to renovate, to construct – still, on the outside, nothing except the surface image of a building will be changed. Perhaps new sections can be added: new runways, lifts, an entire wing if need be, but these are merely additions. Regardless of how many improvements are made, however, the foundations of the building still remain unchanged. They remain unaltered, and become archaic over time.

Villages are made with people working together. It is a form of unity, of togetherness, and of learning to live homogeneously with those whose experiences, memories and perceptions are different. It is a way of assimilating to others’ paradigmatic system of functioning as a human being – to incorporate all aspects and thus form new paths. Building villages starts with accepting others and mutually benefiting from them – with trade, farming, agriculture and the basic necessities of life. Building cities comes with diversifying – with travel, open-mindedness and acceptance. Cities built from villages have their traditional value – the foundations are there – but they are not as deep rooted to the point of no return.

Buildings are needed for they exist within and make-up the city; they exist in order for a city to be formed. The city itself is an encompassing of many buildings, but one single building is pointless if it is in the middle of nowhere. Thus, those who build cities start with a perception of homogeneity; those who build buildings strive to achieve. Yet, once that “highest pinnacle” is reached, what more is there to do than admire its architecture or live/work in it? What more is there to it than its basic function and appearance?

Villages grow. Cities expand. Cities change.

And change is necessary for a state, nation, and globe to actually be formed. A building is but nothing without a reason to exist – yet without them, a city cannot be formed. A building on its own will not grow – unless those of the city decide it necessary.

Many construct buildings, but I construct cities.

~Mikavelli~ Click to read “City Lights”

5 thoughts on “Change, Expand and Grow

    1. Thanks!

      Possibility is nothing without making it happen; but constantly doing things in the same sequential pattern also limits possibility.


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