What is struggle?

It’s a strange one, when you really try to break it down and describe it. We hear this world dropped so casually in conversation, struggle, as if it is like an obstacle course that needs to be completed, or a challenge that needs to be accepted.

But struggle is so far from that. Struggle isn’t boot camp — it isn’t a place where someone blows a whistle and you do as you’re told lest you be punished. Struggle isn’t school — it isn’t a place where thoughts and ideas are handed to you on paper and you memorise the way others think. Struggle isn’t a workout — it isn’t an action where you come out feeling exhausted in all the right ways.

Struggle, is that part of life that is so common around us that we don’t even know what it looks like.

We only know what it doesn’t…

What does it look like?

It’s when the kid across the road is carrying far so many bags that probably outweigh his little body, and he’s trying to drag all of it to the bus stop.

It’s when your friend stutters in every conversation because he’s nervous about what he’s trying to say, formulating the words so as not to offend because deep down he actually cares about you.

It’s when a single mother is trying to care for two crying babies whilst dealing with a screaming child all at the same time; that frustration in her eyes simply because she is tired and fed up, helpless and unsure of what the “right thing to do” is.

It’s when an old man with a broken leg is hobbling on his cane through a crowd of apathetic pedestrians, or curious onlookers…

It’s when a young teen who had a whole life ahead has to deal with the repercussions of the entire world finding out that daddy was a pedophile.

It’s when a fresh graduate who spent four years working through college can’t find a job even after a year of being out of a world-rewound university.

It’s when someone knows their time on earth is limited, and wants to do as much as possible before the body eats itself.

It’s when someone spends twenty years committed to a company only to be made redundant by a machine.

It’s when a family with good parents, good values, and good morals who do their best to raise decent children still can’t afford Christmas presents.

It’s when every ounce of effort exerted to the point of near-self-destruction still barely makes the cut, despite making every right move.

It’s when you’re tired of being tired…of being……tired………

Struggle, is real. Struggle, is all around…Even though struggle is not always a choice, perspective, however, is.

Meaning is in the eye of the conveyor



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