Don’t Lose Heart, Find It

Dear World,

This is for you, for all of you.

For the days when you feel like there is no purpose or meaning in life. For the days when you feel so jaded by society, by people, or even by yourselves. For the days you just want to give up because you feel stagnant.

You are undergoing this stagnation because you have “lost your heart”, or so it would seem. All that you used to enjoy, your passions, your drives, all appear to be a thing of the past.

I am here to tell you, each and every one of you, that actually, you have not lost your heart, you have merely misplaced it. You are not heartless, merely nostalgic. On one hand, you miss being the hopeful idealist you once were, on the other, you’ve convinced yourself that dreams were “juvenile naivety”.

So you misplaced your heart by leaving it in the past.

Well, my loves, what if I told you that you might just be right?

On the days that you are so discouraged and just want to give up, remember why you started in the first place. Always remember what was once your drive, your motivation, your incentive. What did you care about the most when you were sixteen? How about twenty-one? Thirty? How old were you when you buried your heart, when you grew tired of how broken and worn out it had become?

Well, there is hope for you, my loves.

Place your finger on any spot of a sphere, or a ball. Move that finger forward in a straight line along the ball, as if traveling towards the future. Eventually, you will reach that same starting point again — that same point where you buried your heart. Every step you’ve taken since the day you left it behind has been one step further away from, yet closer towards, where you used to seek refuge.

It is simple: finding balance is all about movement.

Tightrope walkers can only stay up if they keep walking: the moment they stop, the easier it is to falter. They can move backwards or forwards but not stay still for long. Jugglers drop their balls if they stop juggling, the river overflows if it stops running. Staying in one place too long leads to stagnation, but constant movement creates balance.

My loves, I encourage you to stay active and proactive. Make time to do what you enjoy so that you can find your heart.

There is no “end game”, because life is a continuous journey of trial and error.

Don’t lose heart, find it.




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