A Common Misconception in Homosexuality and Christianity

In light of a sudden increase in gay-marriage debates, much of Western society has become actively aware of the controversies surrounding the future of mankind. Each argument posed by the Panel is easily traced back to its Christian origins – or so the basis of today’s Western law. However, with an increase in religious curiosity … More A Common Misconception in Homosexuality and Christianity


Don’t be sad when the sun goes down You’ll wake up and I’m not around I’ve got to go… We still have the summer after all. ~Lady Gaga~ Summer once again. With new friends, smiles, fun times and lets face it, your life is just awesome because you actually have one. Meeting new people as … More Summerboy

Time Travel

Time travel is possible. If someone came up to you and claimed to be a historian, would you think of him as someone who studies history? Or…would you think of him as someone who actually lived through history? Perhaps someone claims to be from the future (no, not a fortune teller), but a man who … More Time Travel

Prop 8? Or Prop H8?

Somehow, after reading through various impacting articles, I regard these following articles and possible statements with much disconcertion. In knowing that I live in a society which seemingly dismisses a real-life issue, active around us, I realize that there is little a mundane citizen like I can do. However, shall my minimum efforts proof myself … More Prop 8? Or Prop H8?